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GasAlertMicroClip XL
by BW Technologies by Honeywell


Designed and engineered in Calgary, AB, Canada for harsh Canadian environments. The first multi-gas detector to combine these needs into one product: reliability with long battery runtimes (18 hours), best-in-class comfort and small size, built-in ease of use and simplified training, altogether with low consumer investment. Honeywell quality backs a unique cold weather guarantee. At -20C, the detector is guaranteed to run at least 12 hours even after 2 years.

This new portable multi-gas detector, GasAlertMicroClip XL, with enhanced battery runs 18 hours plus at least 12 hours in cold weather. Users love this detector because it is so comfortable they forget they are wearing it; the slim profile and size doesn’t impede their movement. Companies love the low upfront investment, plus the easy-to-use operation that minimizes training and tamper-proofs use. Smart design also makes it instantly compatible with any existing accessories and docking station.

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