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Axion Advantage
by Haws Corporation


AXION® MSR is the only eye/face wash duplicating the methodology recommended and used by medical professionals. Inverted wash streams clear the eye by gently sweeping contaminants away from the eye interior and nasal cavity, helping reduce further injury to victims. This innovative upgrade system is designed to fit commonly installed eyewashes and emergency showers from Bradley®, Encon®, Speakman®, Guardian®, and Acorn®.

The AXION Advantage™ system offers safety professionals a medically superior response for upgrading existing emergency eyewash and shower equipment. The AXION® MSR design and technology improves existing emergency equipment with the optimal victim comfort system. With four Advantage kits providing the necessary pieces to convert 80% of existing eyewashes and showers, your facility will have the tools to upgrade older Haws® products, replace ineffective products and test for continued ANSI compli

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