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BW Technologies Introduces New Motorized Sampling Pump

The BW Sampler motorized sampling pump

The BW Sampler motorized sampling pump provides continuous readings from areas up to 50 feet / 15 m) away from remotely located instruments. The Sampler is compatible with BW single-gas detectors as well as the GasAlertMicro and Defender multi-gas Confined Space monitors.

The compact (17.9 x 3.35 x 5.4 cm / 7 x 1.3 x 2.1 in.) and lightweight (200 g / 7 oz) Sampler operates continuously once turned on. Built-in low flow alarms, and a unique self-test feature ensure proper performance when the pump is in use. The robust and ergonomically comfortable design makes pick hole sampling simple to accomplish, with easily interchangeable sample probes and extenders. The Intrinsically Safe Sampler pump provides up to 30 hours of continuous operation on a single set of 2 AA sized alkaline or rechargeable batteries.

The Sampler comes complete with 2 sampling probes, an internal water trap, particulate filters and a comprehensive, 2-year warranty.

Contact Information

Corporate Headquarters
BW Technologies
2840 2nd Avenue S.E.
Calgary, AB
Canada T2A 7X9
Call:1-800-663-4164 or


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